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Operating throughout Australia, Maven Property Advisory is a boutique buyer’s agency with a distinguished record built on over 30 years of combined investment experience. At Maven, we are driven by a singular mission: to understand, educate, and inspire our clients throughout their property investment journey.


Our passion lies in deeply comprehending the unique needs, wants, and motivations of our clients, whether they are first-time buyers, seasoned investors, or those looking to enhance their portfolios through Self-Managed Super Funds. Our approach is not just about transactions; it’s about fostering a holistic understanding of the property market, ensuring our clients can make informed, confident investment decisions.

Under the guidance of seasoned leader John Halliday – known for his expertise in building, developing, and maintaining high-performance teams – Maven Property Advisory fosters a culture of excellence and integrity. This culture permeates every interaction and strategy, empowering our team to deliver tailored investment solutions that perfectly align with our clients’ goals.

At Maven Property Advisory, we don’t just facilitate property acquisitions; we build lasting relationships and provide our clients with the tools and knowledge to achieve their investment goals. If you are looking to see the impressive results we have achieved for our clients, we invite you to explore further with us.


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Since kicking off his real estate career back in 1989, John has not only consulted for giants like Stockland but has also masterminded and helmed multi-million-dollar enterprises. When he's not shaping the future of real estate by mentoring and coaching top-tier property professionals, you can find him scoring goals on the football field or swinging clubs in style – did you know he once clinched a golf tournament in Las Vegas?


At 52, John plays football with the energy of a twenty-something and thinks of real estate much the same way he thinks of sports – it's all about playing fair, aiming high, and celebrating every win. Whether it's a competitive match on the field or navigating the complex world of real estate, John's always game!


When he's not speeding around a racetrack in a V8 SuperUte, Aaron is navigating the fast-paced world of real estate with the same intensity and precision. A three-time National Champion behind the wheel, Aaron brings his championship mindset to every property deal.

Aaron’s solid foundation stems from a University degree in in Business and Commerce, majoring in Property Development. He’s been making his mark in real estate for nearly a decade. His keen insight into property development and strategic investment has helped clients accelerate their success in the property market.


Whether it's dominating the racetrack or closing a complex property deal, Aaron’s blend of speed, strategy, and expertise makes him a top contender in any arena.


Vanessa isn’t just your average property guru; she’s a powerhouse who brings the same determination and finesse to real estate that she showcased on tennis courts around the world. Building a multi-million-dollar property portfolio as a young single woman, Vanessa knows what it takes to win, both in sport and in property investment.

As one of four sisters, Vanessa has always been part of a strong team, whether strategizing over property deals or admiring sleek sports cars. Her passion for fast cars isn’t just about speed—it’s about appreciating engineering excellence and design that breaks the mold.

With her unique mix of real estate expertise and a zest for life’s finer things, Vanessa is always on the lookout for opportunities that go beyond the ordinary, ensuring her clients always get the premier experience.


Matthew, the newest addition to the Maven team, brings a powerhouse of discipline and innovation from a vibrant professional triathlon career. With 42 starts, 11 podium finishes, and 3 major wins across World Series, World Cup, and Oceania events, Matthew knows what it takes to perform at the highest levels.

Supported by prestigious institutions like the Victorian Institute of Sport and the Australian Institute of Sport, his transition into the world of building design and business development has been nothing short of stellar. Matthew holds a Diploma in Building Design and played a pivotal role in transforming his brother’s construction company into a multi-million-dollar enterprise, implementing systems certified for Health & Safety, Quality, and Environmental management according to ISO standards.

At Maven, Matthew’s knack for meticulous planning and strategic design enhances our capabilities, ensuring we not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients.

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